Space Movers Game Soundtrack

Because Space Movers is above all else about story, we’re including a soundtrack for the game. Think of it as musical wallpaper, it’s just there in the background to add to the experience. It is available to stream for free as you play the game. Works great on mobile phones right at the table! LISTEN HERE

Digital Objective Card Sets for Space Movers

To enjoy a Digital Adventure simply load the following on your smart phone then place your phone on the Objective Card Spot of the Space Movers Game board. More Digital Adventure Objective Card sets coming soon so stay tuned!

Original Space Movers Back Story

This brief history and character profiles were the very first things written when we began working on the game. Due to the size restriction of the comic book, a lot of this information could not be used. We are proud to present this information for the first time and hope it adds to your enjoyment of Space Movers.

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Game Designer Notes

This pdf gives some of the inside information on the game design process.

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