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Each copy of Space Movers will include the original Comic book "Finding Liberty". Written by Kevin and April Cox, and featuring amazing artwork by Jon Hrubesch, Finding Liberty is a brand new Sci-Fi Adventure that has the familiar feel of the great Sci-Fi movies of the 70s & 80s .

The Comic tells the story of how and why these characters came together to form the crew of the space ship Liberty and the circumstances that sent them on the adventure of their lives.

But the story doesn't end on the last page. The adventure continues in each game of Space Movers with Objective Cards the players have to work through to win the game. These cards, created by the same team that made Finding Liberty, have the same look and feel as the graphic novel so the story continues with each play of the game. FutureComics and Objective Card sets will take the story further and keep the game fresh and new.

Hop on board and see where the adventure takes you!

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